One Year Old Photo Session at Hartwood Acres

Again I need to start this blog entry by saying, BRRRRRR! Yes it was COLD that day! Poor little girl was just freezing. We did manage to shoot for an hour (although some of that was admittedly spent warming up in the car) and we got a lot of super cute pictures … but BRRRRR. I’m clearly going to have to get used to this.

Either that or get rich by inventing an adorable pair of gloves/mittens that children actually keep on their hands. And don’t mind that they’re there. If you ever find some, please let me know.

So this little girl was a cutie patootie little 13 month old with a vocabulary that rivaled most 18 month olds (reminded me very much of my youngest). She came equipped with several outfits which came in handy since she went stomping (crawling) through the mud in her very first location … in her white tights … oops.

AND she took her very first steps DURING THE SESSION! For real what were the chances of that happening?? How many people get professional pictures of their child’s first steps? Not many!

little girl taking her first steps

There’s those first steps I was talking about.

little girl playing in the leaves

little girl blowing a kiss

She was blowing a kiss to a little dog that happened to be passing by (and being held back from running up and licking her face).

little girl looking at a flower

little girl sitting on a walkway in the sun