One Year Old Photos in North Huntingdon

Last weekend I got to take one year photos of this adorable little girl and her mommy and daddy! How cute is she?? She was such a little ham. She kept giving me this HUGE smiles and looking at me and being all perfect and cooperative … but me being me … I really liked the serious faces the best! I think because it brings out those big gorgeous eyes. She also kept crawling toward me REALLY fast so I have a few extreme close-ups here. 🙂

Mom and dad were great and didn’t bother me at all about being a half hour late (it was raining where I lived so I assumed it was raining where they lived … WRONG). So we did a few photos outside in the backyard but then moved inside for the majority of them. I just took her picture while she played with her toys.

baby girl crawling little girl close up baby girl's foot baby girl reading with mommy leg and diaper cover little girl looking in the mirror