One Year Old Portraits in Pittsburgh

Last weekend I had a baby portrait session with this little one year old girl. Another graduating baby planner! We did a lifestyle session followed by a cake smash. This was particularly challenging because their house was extremely dark. But when you have very little light coming in it creates more shadow, which I love! For the photography nerds out there … I shot this entire session between 4000 and 6400 iso. That’s high! 🙂

Mom didn’t think she would like her cake because she’d not shown any interest at her birthday party. Much to our surprise, she picked it up and ate it like a sandwich. She spent quite awhile munching away on it! It was a big hit.

baby girl reading a book with her mombaby girl playing on her rocking horsebaby girl playing with blocksbaby girl looking out the windowbaby girl playing with a tea setbaby girl smashing a cake for her birthdaybaby girl taking a bathbaby girl with her mom in the bathroom