One Year Portraits in Monroeville Park

It’s another graduating baby planner!! Oh I hate it when they get all old and leave me.

Scheduling with this little one was TOUGH. We kept getting rained out! I believe we got rained out 3 times before I completely gave up and started just getting mom and dad’s work schedule at the beginning of the week and we did it on the first nice day that we were all available. It worked out!

So I met up with this sweet girl and her parents for her one year baby portraits. She is just SO cute. Those eyes! Those cheeks! I could eat her up. And mom and dad were totally game with letting her do whatever she wanted so that made my job a lot easier. I love when I can just let them explore (as one year olds are so good at doing) and I just follow. They would pick her up and toss her around and play with her and then she’d just run off and fall down and just explore. It was great.


baby girl making a funny facedaddy and baby girl holding handsbaby girl looking at the camerababy girl being tickled by daddybaby girl being tickled by mommybaby girl on dad's shoulders smooching his facebaby girl waving goodbyebaby girl doing so bigbaby girl being flipped upside downbaby girl dancing with mom in the sunset