Why Am I a Photographer?

The number one question I get asked during photo shoots, aside from “will you come watch my baby in the middle of the night” is “did you go to school for photography?”

No. I actually went to school for web development. See this beautiful website?? Yeah it’s a template … but I customized it myself!

I took a single photography course in college. The kind with a film camera (it was the year 2000 digital was not all the rage yet) and a dark room and chemicals and all that fancy stuff! I learned some composition basics. I knew nothing about shooting manual. This was not the beginning of my love of photography.

I didn’t initially fall in love with the art of photography. I fell in love the the ability to capture memories. Back in the day we used film and everything got printed. So I had (still have) albums and albums of photos of me and my friends having a blast. I had a camera on me 90% of the time and I used it! It was just a cheap little $30 camera. Nothing fancy. But I had SCADS of photos. And I would love to look at them and remember what we were doing when I took those photos.

20170524_144736(A day with the neighborhood kids. We were filling buckets and dumping them on whoever was below under the big plastic tarp … a memory I would have lost without these photos. I was about 13 years old at this time.)

20170524_145015(This was during the time 12 years ago when I lived in France. This shot was on the plane or train between destinations in Italy. I am pretending to be scared of the monster we created and named “the gorgonzola.” We have shots from all over Europe of this mysterious creature.)

I laughed so much looking through my albums to find a couple pictures to share with you!

It wasn’t until I was much older that I fell in love with the art side. Now I’m a total light junkie. You might call me a snob. Might is a little nice. I’m a total snob when it comes to my pictures.

But the WHY is still the same. I want to capture the memories. The REAL TRUE memories of you playing with your babies, of you having your traditions, of you and your family living your lives. My pictures look a lot prettier now that I have a big girl camera and I know how to use it and I am a light junkie … but the feeling behind it all is the same.

April3014painting08(Painting fun with my girls 3 years ago. SO TINY AND CUTE!! I still have these paintings on my wall.)

Remember when you did that? Remember when they looked like this? Remember when this was such a big part of your lives? Remember how much fun it was (remember how hard it was?)?

Let me help you remember. 🙂