Pittsburgh Baby Planners One Year Photo Shoot

And she’s one!! This was my sixth photo shoot with this family. Two little ones, baby planners, back to back (just the way to do it!). And number two is one year old. We actually ended up doing a split session with a cake smash on one day, and an outdoor portion another day. Day two was a little rough going but in the end we got a lot of really fantastic photos. And she is SO cute, is she not?

Now I’m just waiting for them to have a third ..


little boy and baby sisterbaby girl in black and white from a cake smashbaby girl feet in a cake smashbaby girl smashing a cakebaby girl smashing a cakebaby girl smashing a cakebaby girl looking at the camerababy girl in the bath tubbaby girl in her cribbaby girl with a big smilebaby girl being kissed by her big brotherbaby girl and big brother walking togetherfamily of four on the rocksmom kissing her baby girl