Price Changes for 2013!

The time has finally come. When I first re-introduced my business in 2010 I DRASTICALLY reduced my prices from being all prints, no CDs, and most people spending upwards of $500, to almost all CDs for just $250. That may sound crazy but I had my reasons and I still feel very strongly about them. But it has been 3 years and it’s time for the prices to go up a bit. So …

The session retainer fee is the same $100 and the CD is now $200. That means just a $50 increase. There is also an additional increase on newborn sessions. I realized that I was spending about twice as much time overall on newborn sessions than any other and it really made no sense for them to cost the same. So I have further increased that to $100 session fee and $250 for the CD.

BUT … there’s always a but …

If you sign up for the Tiptoes Baby Plan you can avoid that extra $50. It seems not a lot of my regular customers are even aware of the baby plan. Basically you agree to do three sessions in the first year of your baby’s life. You can do more but it has to be at least three. There’s NO fee for signing up but great benefits! In addition to that newborn session only being $300 instead of $350 total, you also get the cake smash at no additional charge and a free storyboard or card design at each session.

Good deal, no? Sign up! The only thing you have to do is set all three sessions dates at the very beginning (and they are easily re-scheduled later on).

I’m also introducing the mini maternity sessions. This is ONLY available to baby planners. But if you intend to sign up for the baby plan you can get a mini maternity session (about 30 minutes) for half price. That’s $150 total. Full CD of images. Another great deal!

I really intended to announce this price increase roughly a month ago so I could enact it right at the beginning of the year … but I didn’t. So in fairness I am giving all CURRENT customers a month to schedule any future sessions with me at the current price of $250. This offer expires on January 31st.

Side note: any baby planners, official or non-official (you know who you are), you will maintain the current $250 price through the remainder of your baby plan.

And that’s that! Click here to see the new price list. And e-mail me if you’d like to schedule a session at the current rate!