Six Month Old Christmas Portraits in Pittsburgh

Last weekend I photographed one of my little planners (babies that come to me 3 times during their first year). This was her 6 month session. And she has these amazingly gorgeous eyes. I LOVE eyes like hers. So fun to photograph. She also has a LOT of personality! I got a big variety of funny faces! I can’t wait for her one year!

baby girl in front of christmas tree baby girl making a sad face Such a sad face! I can’t resist it.

mom and dad kissing baby girl on the cheeksI actually laughed out loud when I saw this one.

baby girl in front of christmas tree holding her toes mom dad and baby in the snow baby girl holding a picture of herself as a newbornMom had the idea to have her hold her newborn photo for a picture, and then at her 1 year session she can hold this photo.