Six Month Old Photo Session at the Park

Last weekend I met up with some of my baby planners! Back in January I photographed quite a few newborns and almost all of them signed on to become baby planners (so be expecting to see a lot of six month olds in the coming weeks). This little guy was the first of my 6 month olds. He’s actually only 5 months old. 🙂 But isn’t he ADORABLE? What expressions he has! And mom and dad are such troopers. I got there late because I got lost. Dad saved the day by directing me to the proper location. And then because I was late I decided the light looked better way up over this enormous hill (okay it wasn’t THAT big but I also wasn’t the one pushing a stroller up it) and they trudged up there without any complaint (to me anyway). Hopefully the results are worth the effort!

baby boy on bridge baby boy feet on bridge baby boy baby boy making a face

Just love this face.

a family in a field at sunset baby lying in grass angry

I’m so mean. It was the end of the session. He had had quite enough of me. But I decided I needed to get a picture of him crying because, well, crying babies are adorable. Am I wrong??