Sneak Peek: 3 Sessions in One

Things have been a bit slow going for me … as in my business productivity. I got a new computer last week! But you know along with a new computer comes re-installing everything and for a photographer it also means re-calibrating your system. There were some hang ups which is why this preview hasn’t gone up until now … even though I did the session over a week ago.

Anyway … this was a super session!! Mom originally contacted me for maternity pictures (a new maternity model! yay!) and then decided she wanted her son and daughter’s pictures done as well. So it was basically three sessions in one! Needless to say … I was there for awhile. We had a good time. Mom was incredible. In way better shape at 29 weeks pregnant than I’ve EVER been (still running 5 miles!!). She had an adorable little belly with not a stretch mark in sight. I’m always so jealous of my models. 🙂