Sneak Peek: More Maternity!

I confess, this is not a TRUE sneak peek. Mom already saw the pictures so she could approve them for public viewing. And it makes me so happy to hear, as it always does, that she loves them. Yay!!

I have been wondering when I would stop running my maternity promotion and actually start charging full price for these sessions. Don’t worry. Not yet. But I did finally realize what the answer is. You see … every time I have a maternity session and I come home my husband says to me “how did it go??” and my response is almost always “I don’t know. I’ll have to see.” Well … once I can have the confidence that it went well and answer with “great!” then I will start charging. I’m not there yet. And while all of my maternity sessions have produced some great pictures … I need to have the confidence and knowledge that they are going well at the time of the session. So keep e-mailing me and signing up to be my models!!

So without further ado … here is my latest sneak peek!!