Very Special NICU Photo Shoot in Pittsburgh

Back in January a man contacted me about a little fighter that he knows. She was born way too early at just 24 weeks and fought for her life for the first few weeks. He knew about baby Owen and that I had photographed him, and he asked if I would photograph her too.

It took some time to arrange but last week I finally got to go in and meet this little girl. At two months old she was not quite 3lbs. My impression is that she is through the worst of it, and now she just has to focus on getting bigger and stronger. Mom and dad think she won’t go home until April at the very earliest.

I had never seen such a tiny baby. I can’t even imagine her one pound smaller like she was at birth.

Enjoy these pictures. And if you know of a family with a little one who’s spending such a long period of time in the NICU, please let me know. I am happy to provide services like these.

newborn girl in incubator at children's NICUpreemie feetmom holding her preemie baby in children's NICUmom and dad holding their preemie daughter in children's NICUdad holding his preemie daughter in children's NICUpreemie baby girl in the children's NICUpreemie baby girl with her parents in children's NICUpreemie baby girl in the children's NICUpull back of a NICU room at children's