Studio and Natural Light Session in North Hills near Pittsburgh

A week and a half ago I had a session with this little family. In the past they had always gone to Picture People and decided that their experience with me was far preferable! Yay for converts! Mom of this session is somewhat of a co-worker of my dad (they only just work for the same company) and when he found out that she lived in Pittsburgh he told her his daughter lived there as well and that I was a photographer. One thing led to another and I was at her house photographing her adorable little girl!

And what a little ham! Based on my experience with her I’d have to guess she gets photographed a lot. In a studio. Because she just sat there all perfect and smiled for me like she does it every day. Very cute. But NEXT time I’m going to make her RUN! 🙂 Hopefully next time it will be a bit warmer too.

Here’s a nice mix of the studio pictures along with the outdoor images (of which we really only did a few).

family of four smiling for camera

baby girl smiling at camera

See what I mean here? All posed perfectly. She sat like this for a few minutes.

family of three smiling at camera

 close up of baby girl smiling at camera