Sunset Photography Session in Valley Forge

This one goes WAY back.

I have known mom, Danielle, since we were four. We actually went to nursery school together (there are pictures!). She was the very first person I ever met that shared my name. But I can’t really say that we were friends until one year in high school. Our senior year actually. The year we BOTH met our current husbands. We were physics partners and spent most of that time talking about our new boyfriends. Ah, high school. 🙂

Thanks to facebook we reconnected and she asked if I would photograph her two little ones the next time I came back to town (Valley Forge is near where I grew up). It is the first session I’ve done with an old friend (who I hadn’t seen since we graduated, a very very long 13 years ago … I am so old). Her son looks EXACTLY like her … and well her daughter is only 10 months old so we’ll see.

Now we just need to dig up those pre-school pictures of us!

boy running!

little boy pulling baby girl in wagon at sunset

boy and girl in a wagon

baby girl standing holding ladder

little boy walking away