Sweet Family – Fox Chapel Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing this family since 2007. No joke! That was my very first year actively in business and these were one of my very first customers at a portrait party that I did. That officially makes them my longest running customers … although not the one I’ve photographed the most. I get to see this family roughly once every 2 years. The last time I saw them was Sienna’s newborn pictures and look here she’s 21 months old! If you scroll back far enough maybe you can find those.

But aren’t they adorable??? This was my first time using Hartwood Acres as a shooting location (other than when I was scouting it for the contest and I photographed my own children there). It is a VERY popular spot and apparently a VERY popular weekend. Every time you turned around you ran into another photographer. But I can understand why as it’s a beautiful location with no shortage of excellent spots to use.

This family was so sweet. I’m not sure I’ve ever photographed a more cooperative 6 year old boy in my life. Nor one with a more natural smile than he has (6 year old boys usually have that awful cheesy smile my mom always calls “the colgate smile”). Yes after every single shot he did ask his mom if he could go play football and are we done yet? But he didn’t complain when she repeatedly said no! 🙂

And I just LOVE little Sienna’s outfit. If I didn’t rave over it enough at the actual session I will continue to do so here. It’s a clothing company called Persnickety. They have the absolute cutest clothing and doesn’t she look adorable in it?? Love.

Anyway without further ado … here are the pictures!