The Kids Were Here Too – May

I recently joined 9 other photographers and we formed a group called The Kids Were Here Too. Why “too” you ask? Well it wasn’t our idea originally. The Kids Were Here was started by a woman named Ketti Phillips. The idea behind it is to capture the signs of the little ones in your life without the little ones actually being in the pictures. It’s the things that they leave behind at the end of the day. It’s how your life has changed because they are now in it.

So these are my “the kids were here” pictures for this month (this will be at the end of every month). I took all of these last night because I was too busy to get any of them before. Fortunately for me … my kids are little slobs so it wasn’t hard to find signs that they had been there.

May2613thekidswerehere04 May2613thekidswerehere01 May2613thekidswerehere02 May2613thekidswerehere03 May2613thekidswerehere05 May2613thekidswerehere06 May2613thekidswerehere07 May2613thekidswerehere09

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