The Season of Giving!

It’s that time of year again! The season of giving!

Oh what? You say it’s not yet? Ah, but for portrait photographers it is. Our holiday season starts in September (and typically ends in November).

This year I have something really special planned. I’ve had it planned for over 2 years now and am FINALLY getting around to doing it. And the timing could not be more perfect for all of you who want to have pictures and give back at the same time. So here’s the nitty gritty.

Oh by the way, this is the extremely sad part. You’ve been warned.

Back in April 2009, two little local Pittsburgh children were killed in a car accident. They were members of a moms club of which I had photographed several people (unfortunately not them) so this was how I heard about it. My heart just about broke for their mother. These people I had never met and I found myself crying every time I thought about it. I knew I wanted to do something. But what?

As it turns out, the mom, Amy, decided she wanted to build a playground in their honor at Frick Park. I knew what I could do! I could have mini sessions and donate all of the proceeds to the project.

The playground has since turned into a “treehouse.” You can read more about it here:

It sounds like a really great place. I’m sure I’ll bring my own kids there to play someday.

Anyway … I never meant for it to take so long to organize this event but in the end I think the timing is good and they still need money to make it happen.


Here are the details. Saturday, October 15th at Frick Park. I will be doing mini sessions of roughly 15 minutes each. The suggested donation for this is $100. If you need to pay less, then that’s okay. A donation is still a donation and everything helps. But if you can pay more, then please do. After the sessions I will be doing basic edits and uploading the images in a zip file for you to download. This way I have no cost other than my own time (and gas) and can donate ALL of the money to Kate and Peter’s Treehouse.

You have questions? Let me guess what they are.

Q1: I can’t make it that day but I really want to do this!!

Okay that’s not really a question. But if you are interested but not available that day then please let me know anyway. If I can manage to get enough people that I need to do a second day then I will!

Q2: Sign me up! What do I do?

Just leave a comment for me here or on facebook letting me know who will be in the portraits and around what time you would like to be scheduled. I’m going to gather names and get in touch with everybody once I determine how much interest there is.

Q3: I don’t want to do the session but I’d like to donate money to the cause. What do I do?

Please do!! Here is a link to donate directly to Kate and Peter’s Treehouse. Just make sure you select them at the bottom of the screen.

I’m sure there are more questions. Feel free to ask them! I’d really like to raise at least $1000 for this and preferably more. LOTS more! So spread the word!! Let’s help build Kate and Peter’s Treehouse!!