Urban Photo Session in Downtown Pittsburgh

I love this family!!

No really … in all my days as a photographer I don’t think I’ve ever met a family that acts more naturally in front of the camera than these guys do. I photographed them a year ago and I believe I said the same thing then as well. From start to finish they basically behave as if I’m not even there and it is PERFECT.

It also helps they’re all super photogenic too.

We decided to meet downtown for an urban session to really capture Pittsburgh. Well it turned out to be a REALLY nice day. Like randomly 70 degrees in the middle of November (same exact thing happened for their session last year … I’m beginning to see a correlation). So while that’s a good thing for the session … it also meant that our chosen location was VERY crowded. So instead we decided to just basically wander the city and use what we saw. Another favorite thing to do, I must admit.

I wish I could do more urban sessions. I rarely get to do them!

Anyway I’ve posted a lot of these on facebook and I’m not posting the same ones here (well … except one … I can’t help myself) so you should go to my facebook page to see the rest of the adorableness.

little boy sticking out his tongue

Smiling would be boring.

little girl with sunglasses

little boy pulling his younger sister by the hand

And we said “Aiden make sure you don’t go too fast for your sister.”

mom kissing son on cheek

little girl standing in street

family walking down street holding hands