We are gifting a session! Read all about it here.

Every holiday season I think, what should I give my customers? What can I send them that, when making 80-some of them won’t break the bank? And every year I can’t think of anything. And then I end up doing nothing.

This year I thought of something. This year I’m gifting a photography session to one deserving family. It doesn’t have to be somebody who can’t afford me … it can be anybody who you think has done something to deserve this gift. Making it through hard times with a smile on your face? Facing battles? Somebody who works their tail off to feed their families? Somebody who does a lot of good for others? Anybody at all. If you know somebody who you think deserves this, nominate them!

Here are the rules:
1. You can’t nominate yourself (although you can ask a friend to do it!)
2. When you nominate somebody you have to tell the story as to why you think they should win the session.
3. Nominations must be in by Sunday, December 22nd, at 11:59pm EST.
4. Posed newborn sessions do not qualify (but lifestyle is fine).
5. The winner must schedule their session for before May 31, 2014.
6. All nominations must be e-mailed to me (you can use the contact form). Please use the subject “photo session nominee.”
7. The winner must either be within my 25 mile (from zip 15147) travel range or be willing to drive to it.

That’s it! To nominate a family, please fill out the contact form before Sunday. On Monday night I will post all of the nominees on facebook and the one with the most votes wins! I REALLY don’t want this to be a popularity contest so I will be going to unbiased sources as well to provide votes.

So who do YOU think deserves a free session?